Angled Cakes

Watch this video from the CNFA to learn how to setup and discharge an angled cake safely! Here are the basics you need to know for angled cakes:

  • Never place any body part over the top of any fireworks device.
  • Read all the warning labels.
  • Make sure you are setup far enough away from your spectators. The necessary distance to keep everyone safe will be listed on the cake itself.
  • Place the cake on a flat, hard surface.
  • Bury the cake if instructed to do so, or use sand bags to stabilize the cake.
  • When ready to light the fuse, light it at least an arms length and retreat to a safe distance.

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This video was produced by the Canadian National Fireworks Association, an industry group advocating for the safe use of fireworks in Canada, and the responsible regulation of the Fireworks Industry.

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