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Burst Smoke Grenade


# of Shots




Max Height


EG smoke grenades are designed for paintball and airsoft…. these are games that involve ambushes, assaults, tactics and subterfuge. So why would you want a smoke grenade that burns for a long time? That’s what signal smokes are designed for. A real mans smoke grenade is designed to give you cover real quick! If you are leading a team assault, the last thing you need is to be tapping your foot whilst the smoke cover becomes thick enough for your impending attack.

Burst smoke…pull the pin, chuck it in, show them who’s boss.

EG’s Burst Smoke Grenades are twin vented, once ignited the composition inside burns very quickly, under 30 seconds. These grenades are not designed to be hand held, otherwise you are going to find yourself with smoke shooting up your sleeve… you have been warned.

EG’s Burst Smoke Grenades are also known as BWP or Burst Wire Pull® as they are fitted with EG’s proven Wire Pull® igniter.


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